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We deliver high-performance focused ion beam (FIB) systems for customers ready to move to the next-generation of FIB technology. We can deliver results in your demanding applications.

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Our Offerings

Focused Ion Beams

Our FIB:ZERO system offers smaller focused spot sizes, at lower beam energy, and provides a wide range of beam currents. It is the next-generation replacement for today's Ga+, He+, or Ne+-based FIBs.

Dynamic SIMS

Our SIMS:ZERO focused-beam SIMS platform can deliver 100x more current into an equivalent spot than competing products, enabling analysis of larger samples and at higher resolution.

Cs+ Ion Sources

Our systems are powered by the Cs+ Low Temperature Ion Source (LoTIS). This source enables the performance of our FIB:ZERO and SIMS:ZERO systems.