What We Do

zeroK provides high performance focused ion beam instruments featuring our new ion source technology. These systems can help you mill smaller features in less time, and with less sample contamination. If you have a special application in mind, or would like a demonstration we've love to hear from you.

Please see the technology page for a look at our demo platform.

An Essential Tool

From semiconductor manufacture to biotechnology, military, and aerospace applications, the focused ion beam, or FIB, has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for sample analysis and manipulation at the nanoscale. FIB users can chisel away at a sample by bombarding it with a stream of ions in the locations where they would like to remove (or add) material; these capabilities enable a variety of fundamental tasks such as sample cross-sectioning, nanoscale machining, and device processing.

An Unmet Need

zeroK NanoTech's mission is to deliver enabling ion source technology to create the FIB instruments with unmatched precision and speed. Improving these fundamental performance metrics will enable scientists and engineers to achieve superior results in less time for critical applications and explore new possibilities for nanomachining and analytics.